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Amarla Boutique Hotel, Casco Viejo, Panama City

Amarla Boutique Hotel — Steeped in history and full of charm.

Amarla Boutique Hotel is situated in the charming Casco Viejo neighborhood in Panama City, providing a serene retreat conveniently close to the city’s most notable attractions. The Canal Museum, Cathedral Basilica Metropolitana and Molas Museum are just a short walk away.

The hotel features eight guest rooms, each uniquely decorated with antiques, local artisan crafts, and original art pieces, showcasing the diverse wonders of Panama. 

Each room has been designed to combine old world charm and elegance with modern convenience.

Amarla’s small size allows their team to provide personalized attention to each guest and share their love and knowledge of Panama.

A gastronomic experience that connects to land, produce, and people through volts of deliciousness. 

Kaandela, the hotel’s signature restaurant, offers an exceptional culinary experience with raw, cold, and open-fire cooking recipes. Accompanying drink pairings have been expertly crafted by mixologists and sommeliers, making it a delightful tasting experience.

At Kaandela Restaurant and Kaandela Bar, guests can savor the delicious flavors of Panama while hearing the stories behind each dish.

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